Buyer & Seller Representation


Seller Representation

Delivering market-leading results for our clients: Our success stems from our unparalleled commitment to seizing the attention of prospective buyers. Leveraging our experience as principals, we adopt a buyer-centric approach to understand transactions from their viewpoint, thereby crafting our marketing strategies to optimize buyer interest towards our listings.

Our customized multi-tiered marketing approach consistently generates market leading results for our clients. Beyond the implementation of extensive multi-channel marketing campaigns, we also make direct phone calls to prospective buyers, investment sales brokers, management companies and many others. This focuses their attention on our client's property, enabling a direct conversation about the present opportunity.

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Buyer Representation

With our expert negotiation skills, we secure leading positions for our clients in both public and off-market deals. Our impressive 95% win rate in multiple offer situations underscores our effectiveness. Our process has not only proven its effectiveness time and again but also reflects our solid reputation within the brokerage community.

Work With True North CRE

We take the time to get to know our clients on a personal level, building lasting trusting relationships that are essential to a successful transaction. Having worked on the principal side of the business we understand both sides of the transaction and can overcome any hurdle that may come up during a deal.  Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience that leads to a successful outcome for all involved.  We'd love to get to know you; open up a discussion and see what transpires.

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