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Meet Justin

Justin is a skilled Marketing Coordinator with a diverse background that blends expertise in social media and graphic design. His comprehensive understanding of these areas allows him to create compelling marketing campaigns that engage audiences and drive brand growth.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Justin made the bold decision to move to the UK, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism in the first degree from City, University of London. 

Justin's passion for marketing extends beyond the real estate industry. In his free time, he works as a brand ambassador for the LA Galaxy. In this role, he promotes brand awareness at external events and facilitates meaningful interactions between fans and the club, showcasing his ability to connect with diverse audiences and enhance brand loyalty.

A native Angeleno, Justin grew up in Palos Verdes, where he was a competitive swimmer. His dedication to the sport led him to qualify for the Colombian National Swim Team, highlighting his discipline and drive. These qualities have translated into his professional life, where he continues to excel and make significant contributions to the True North team.

Justin Shaul

Marketing Coordinator

Work With True North CRE

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